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UAre is a total well-being app using movement, mentoring, community and rewards to help you live better and live longer


The First UAre app Swimming event


For this year’s Cole Classic Ocean Swim event we ran our first BETA test. Working closely with Ky Hurst and the Cole Classic team, we used the Multisport timing device data from the results and applied our algorithm to provide all participants* with a score that gives you a true image of how well you performed.

If you want to check how you did on the day, click on the links below.

*We have scored anyone that was entered in an age group or has provided their date of birth through the app. If you can't find your name or would like us to score anyone that is not on the lists, please fill out the form below.

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Live on Garmin Now, Your Other Favorite Devices on the Way


Anyone can see mentor insights, set up tribes, schedule activities and chat with their friends and view content. Our unique UAre performance scores and fastest 1km are live on Garmin devices now and will be available for all your favourite devices within the next couple of months including Apple, Samsung, Whoop and Oura. We will be able to import and score your activity history, so keep on training and racing, your data is on its way!  

Your Opportunity to Shape the App


We have been working closely with Ky Hurst on the app, and our core team are swimmers with a mix of experiences at national and international levels across surf life saving, pool and ocean swimming. We will be reaching out to all of you to help us create something truly unique for the paddling community of all levels. We would love for you to join us on the journey, and make this a great resource to support our love of this fantastic healthy sport.   

Download the app by 28th Feb for Free Lifetime Access



Submit your details below for us to add your score to the results and to receive more information about UAre in the upcoming months. 

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