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UAre is a total well-being app using movement, mentoring, community and rewards to help you live better and live longer


UAre app partners with The 2023 Shaw and Partners Financial Services - Australian Ocean Racing Series


We are very excited to officially announce our partnership with The 2023 Shaw and Partners Financial Services - Australian Ocean Racing Series. The series kicked off on February 19th with the Shaw and Partners Financial Services, Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach.

Across the entire series, the UAre app will provide all participants with unique personal paddling data you can’t receive anywhere else.

These include:

  • A personal performance score for each race, adjusting for things outside your control (age, gender, course conditions and your chosen craft)

  • Your fastest 1km segment (not auto lap) if you download the app and use a tracking device during the race*

  • Tips and insights from some of the world’s best surf ski paddlers (coming soon)

The UAre app will be free for all paddlers taking part in the events/series. The UAre app is available via the Apple app store and Google Play.

*Currently compatible with Garmin, more devices coming very soon.

Download the app



A feature only available in UAre. Download the app now and find out your fastest 1km segment in any activity you track

 Results 2023

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Live Now

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Coming Soon

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Live on Garmin Now, Your Other Favorite Devices on the Way


Anyone can see mentor insights, setup tribes, schedule activities and chat with their friends and view content. Our unique UAre performance scores and fastest 1km are live on Garmin devices now and will be available for all your favourite devices within the next couple of months including Apple, Samsung, Whoop and Oura. We will be able to import and score your activity history, so keep on training and racing, your data is on its way!  

Your Opportunity to Shape the App

We have been working closely with Dean Gardiner on the app, and our core team are paddlers with a mix of experiences at national and international level across kayak racing, ocean skis and surf life saving. We will be reaching out to all of you to help us create something truly unique for the paddling community of all levels. We would love for you to join us on the journey, and make this a great resource to support our love of this fantastic healthy sport.   

Download the app by 28th Feb for Free Lifetime Access


The First UAre supported event


For last year’s DOCTOR event, we ran our first BETA test. Working closely with Dean Gardiner and the Oceanpaddler team, we used the BLUECHIP timing device data from the Doctor results and applied our algorithm to provide all participants with a score that gives you a true image of how well you performed. The highest score went to Hank McGregor (pictured below) picking up a generous $2,500.

  • What is UAre?
    UAre is a total well-being app using movement, mentoring, community and rewards to help you live better and live longer. Based on the belief that your health is your wealth, UAre was created to help you meaningfully invest in your health and reap a lifetime of rewards.
  • How does UAre work?
    UAre uses your existing tracking device and interactions with the UAre app to provide compelling personal insights on how well you move, mentoring, community and rewards to support your progress. UAre works with Garmin watches now, with other devices coming in early 2023.
  • What is the UAre Performance Score?
    Each time you record one of your favourite activities, UAre calculates an activity score from 0% to 100% adjusting for things outside your control (age, gender, course, conditions and equipment) enabling you to focus on what matters: your fitness, skill, knowledge and effort. Your Performance Score is based on your three best activity scores recorded over the last 90 days. You can see your Performance Score for your favourite activities and have fun combining different activities into an overall Performance Score. UAre provides Moving Scores for Running, Swimming and Paddling now, with Cycling coming in early 2023.
  • What is the UAre Status?
    Your UAre Status is based on your Moving Score and is a fun way to recognise how well you are moving and reward your progress. It shows you how close you are to reaching your human potential for your favourite activities. Each UAre Status level unlocks new rewards.
  • How many UAre Status levels are there?
    There are 6 UAre Status levels: New Mover - When your Moving Score is between 0% - 50% Bronze - When your Moving Score is between 50% - 65% Silver - When your Moving Score is between 65% - 80% Gold - When your Moving Score is between 80% - 90% Pro-Elite - When your Moving Score is between 90% - 100% Ultimate Athlete - When you reach a Moving Score of 100% Most people can expect to achieve New Mover and Bronze status quickly by starting and maintaining consistent activity levels. More advanced UAre Status levels like Gold and Pro-Elite will typically reflect several years of improving fitness, a high degree of knowledge and skill, and high levels of motivation and effort.
  • What UAre Status is optimal for health?
    You need to find the best balance for yourself and your lifestyle. Remember, any movement is good, and progress is great, but only a few people have the time or desire to be Pro-Elite athletes, so consider what works best for you. You can expect to enjoy the biggest health impact as you progress from New Mover to Bronze and Silver UAre Status and can expect to continue materially improving your health outcomes through to Gold status. Achieving Pro-Elite or Ultimate Athlete status is not known to be harmful but, may not necessarily further improve your health, so it should be regarded as a goal for competitive people who would like to make athletic achievement a central part of their lifestyle.
  • What is the Wellbeing Score?
    Your Wellbeing Score, which ranges up to 100, is a unique measure of your total well-being. Investing just 3% of your time proactively in your health, could add up to 20% to your lifespan and dramatically increase its quality. UAre tracks and supports you across four key pillars contributing to your Wellbeing Score: Movement, Tribe, Mindset and Habits. Improving your Wellbeing Score is expected to unlock new rewards from late 2023 onwards.
  • Why is moving so important?
    Moving is the gateway to health, and how well you move (your functional performance), not just how much you move, is the key. It is more closely linked with better health and lifespan than any other known factor.
  • What are the four UAre Pillars to live a better and longer life?
    1. Movement - movement is the gateway to health. UAre provides a simple and uniquely personal way to understand how well you move relative to your age and gender. You can easily see your progress, receive timely tips and insights, and have fun comparing with friends and family of different ages and genders. 2. Tribe - supportive relationships are essential to your well-being. UAre helps you to find and create your tribe, build supportive relationships, chat and schedule activities with family, friends and teammates, and seek mentors to help your journey. 3. Mindset - positive purposeful people live up to 15% longer. UAre tracks and shows your sentiment, helps you to set and pursue personal goals, and develop gratitude. We will help you adopt a positive mindset to live better and live longer. 4. Habits - last but not least, healthy habits are key to living a longer and healthier life. Through gentle nudges and guidance on essential aspects such as nutrition, rest and commitment, UAre will help you to make healthy habits second nature.
  • Why could my UAre Performance Score differ slightly from the Event Score?
    The score available in UAre for your activity may differ slightly from an Event Score. Event Scores typically use a standard course distance for all participants set by the event organisers (your tracked distance may differ), a standard estimate of weather conditions for all participants, and may use age groups rather than your personal date of birth.
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